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Vinyl Windows

PAC's premium vinyl windows are a great choice for quality. With virtually no maintenance, PAC's vinyl windows never need to be painted and will not rot or warp.

PAC's premium vinyl windows are built from a 7 lbs PVC vinyl extrusion. Heat-welded, mitered corner give these windows a much sturdier built over mechanically fasten frames, and an overall quality appearance. We offer brick mold which gives our windows a finished look and also serves as J-channel that accepts a wide variety of structural sidings.

V21 Balance Replacement

 FL16613-R2 - SS46 PVC Single Slider XO (4/7/2024)
 FL16614-R2 - PI46 PVC NC Picture Window (4/20/2024)
 FL17027-R2 & Ins. Met. - SH46 PVC Single Hung (7/11/2023)
 VS46HSXO Testing - CAR 103-104 (4/7/2024)
 V46PI Testing - CAR 105-108 (4/20/2024)
 V46SH Testing - CAR 109-112 (7/11/2023)
 V21PI Testing - CAR 113-114 (6/4/2022)
 V21SH Testing - CAR 115-116 (6/24/2022)
 VS21HSXO Testing - CAR 117-118 (6/24/2022)
 VS21SH Testing - CAR 119-120 (7/31/2022)
 VS21HSXO Testing - CAR 121-122 (7/31/2022)
 VS21PI Testing - CAR 123-124 (7/31/2022)
 V21SH Testing - CAR 133-134 (3/25/2023)
 V21SH Testing - CAR 135-136 (3/25/2023)
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