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DDMD Series

PAC's DDMD is our heavy duty version of our Delta Door. With an internal frame consisting of 2" x 6" lumber, laminated with 1/8" masonite hardboard & fiberglass on both inside & out, really makes this a strong, solid door.

Core is made of a 2" X 6" wood framing for top and lock side with 1-1/2" wood bottom and hinge side. Solid polystyrene core with 1/8" hardboard polyurethane laminated to core before heavy duty .045 fiberglass panel with UV inhibitor for sun protection is laminated to hardboard also with Polyurethane.
Colors: White, off-white, tan or gray with other colors available upon request with enough quantity.
Engineered to support standard locksets and deadbolts, or panic hardware and door closures.
Heavy duty extruded aluminum surround channel inner frame with miter cut corners screwed together.
Heavy duty extruded outer frame, with six (6) hinges integrated into frame for strength and security, mitered welded corners for strength.
Double vinyl weather seals.
Adjustable steel striker plate for lock and deadbolt.
Aluminum kick panel on the bottom of inside of door.
Standard sizes include 3' x 6' 8", & 4' x 6' 8".
Made in the U.S.A.

Applications include modular offices, man camps, some portable buildings, and any exterior applicaitons requiring a heavy duty door.

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MIll Extrusion

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Door Knob & Deadbolt Prep

Door Knob Deadbolt Back-set Prep

Door Knob Drive In Prep


Door Knob Deadbolt Back-set Prep

Door Knob Screw Down Prep

Door Knob & Deadbolt Screw-down Prep

Door Knob

Door Knob Drive-In Plunger

Door Knob Screw-down Plunger


Deadbolt Drive-in Plunger

Door Knob Drive-In Plunger

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