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Available in 3 sizes:
53-1/8(W) x 33-3/8(H) Suggested RO - 53-3/8 x 33-5/8.
64(W) x 40(H) Suggested RO - 64 x 40-1/4.
74(W) x 40(H). Suggested RO 74 x 40-1/4.
Optional integrated tempered glass concession window with multiple opening options.
Door core 2x4 wood construction designed to support gas shock installation.
Extra heavy-duty 3-1/2"extruded aluminum frame which serves as an integral jamb.
Pre-punched side mounting flanges for easy installation.
Steel hinges are riveted to the outer frame.
Mitered corners.

 Concession Series Installation Instructions
 PAC Warranty

Awning & Window

Horizontal Concession Window

Concession Picture Window

Awnings/Concession Doors

Chrome RV Lock

Black RV Lock

Gas Shocks/Props

Gas Prop Mounting Brackets

Concession/HZ Window Latch