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300 Series Steel

8" pre-punched installation holes.
3 Steel hinges riveted to outer frame.
Extra heavy duty 3-1/2" extruded aluminum frame with miter cuts welded at corners for strength.
Serves as an integral jamb.
Accommodates locksets & deadbolts.
Adjustable steel striker plate for door lock.
Heavy duty extruded aluminum surround channel inner frame with miter cut corners welded together.
Bulb vinyl weather seal.
Made in the USA.

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Welded Mitered Corners

Full 2x4 Frame

4 x 24

9 Lite

10 x 10

10x 10 Diamond

15 Lite

18 x 20

18 x 38 Slider

Door Knob & Deadbolt Prep

Door Knob Prep

Door Knobs

Door Knob Drive-In Plunger

Door Knob Screw Down Plunger


Dead-Bolt Drive-In Plunger

Dead-Bolt Screw Down Plunger