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300 Series

Our 300 Series has a full-sized outside frame (jamb). The 300 Series full frame accepts a 2" x 4", is pre-punched with mounting holes, and has 4 heavy duty steel hinges making it a contractor's favorite.

4", 8", or 12" pre-punched installation holes.
4 Steel hinges riveted to outer frame for 4' doors.
Extra heavy duty 3-1/2" extruded aluminum frame with miter cuts welded at corners for strength.
Serves as an integral jamb.
Solid rigid foam with waterproof PVC perimeter and lock block that accommodates locksets & deadbolts.
Adjustable steel striker plate for door lock & deadbolt.
Heavy duty extruded aluminum surround channel inner frame with miter cut corners Welded together.
Bulb vinyl weather seal.
Standard sizes include 3' x 6' 8" & 4' x 6' x 8".
Made in the USA.

Applications include poultry house, square post buildings and storage buildings.

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Welded Mitered Corners

Full 2x4 Frame





Hickory Moss


Off White



4 x 24

9 Lite

10 x 10

10 x 10 Diamond

15 Lite

18 x 20

18 x 38

Blank Bore Prep

Door Knob & Deadbolt Backset Prep

Door Knob & Deadbolt Prep

Door Knob Prep

Door Knob

Door Knob Drive-In Plunger

Door Knob Screw-Down Plunger

Dead Bolt

Deadbolt Drive-In Plunger

Deadbolt Screw-Down Plunger


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